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RAW Artists OC presents: “ARTcade”

This past Thursday was our second installation of RAW Orange County, a collection of artists from all different genres, coming together to celebrate their passion for art.  Once a month, RAW brings together painters, photographers, fashion/hair/makeup designers, musicians, and many more to showcase their work.  Held at 8Eighty8 Night Club in Newport Beach, RAW OC has been an avenue for all these up and coming artists, and we are very happy to be a part of the show.  As the resident hosts and DJs, we get to see some amazing work first hand, while providing good tunes for the gallery goers.  Here are some recap pictures and videos from this month’s show!

You can check out all the artists and shows at RAW’s Official Website.

RAW brings out some of the best Fashion/Hair/Makeup artists from around Orange County to showcase their work. This installment featured a very special Hair show by Abigail Nuezca and Fashion show by Virginia Ginger Ying. It’s always a pleasure providing music for these shows, and we wish the best of luck to these artists!

Thank you RAW and Kimmy for giving us the opportunity to be involved and we’re looking forward to the next show!

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